Playing Pocket Aces in Online No Limit Texas Hold Em Post Flop

The other day I talked about strategy for playing pocket Aces, mainly pre-flop. To follow up on that today, we will look at A-A post flop. This is an area that many online players have trouble (or more to the point, invite trouble.) When you start out playing this hand, you should be very carefree. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Simply limp, and let the opponents battle each other.

Don’t limp with A-A.

For example, if you have pocket 7’s, and the flop comes Q-7-4, you should probably bet or raise. If you are in position (i.e., you are sitting just to the left of the big blind, so you know that the player in the big blind won’t act behind you) you can also call, but it’s better to raise. Why? Because you still have the advantage over the players, even if they do battle each other. You’ve got a better hand, and there’s a chance that the player in the big blind will have a better hand than you. If you raise, and they raise, you are hoping that your opponent will fold, thereby protecting your hand. Remember, folding on a Pocket Pair is just like any other hand in the game, in that you are simply hoping that your pocket hand will win. This is a hand that you want to hold onto, especially when there are raises and other action in the pot.

Let’s look at some examples. Let’s say you have a standard limping hand, such as 8-9 suited. You limp in a pot, and a player in late position raises the pot. You re-raise. The player in the big blind calls, then the small blind raises. Wow! The action in the pot is now on you. What do you do?

You have to fold a hand like 8-9 suited. You do not like that flop, and you do not feel like battling with two other players for the pot either way. If you are an experienced player, you will be thinking this is a good flop for you, but an inexperienced player might think that his/her hand is good. Do not get dragged into gambling with an inexperienced player.

My style of play is to let the less experience players make the mistakes so I can take advantage later. I am an aggressive player, but I do not bully. I let the players battle each other, and I will use my big hands to steal the pots.

Next, with a flop like Q-8-3, you are looking for a reason to play the hand aggressively. Value betting, you could get $600 in the pot in case it turns out that your opponent has a better kicker. You also get the possibility of losing the hand if your opponent calls. Those two factors combined with the high possibility that you may be beat have you making a decision to fold the hand, regardless of whether you think your opponent has a better hand.

That is the essence of the poker download. Learn to play in a loose aggressive style pre-flop, and once you have a hand like Q-8-3, an ace has the possibility of winning the high, low, and side flop. Be willing to lose those bets, but willing to fight for your hand if you are not sure you have the better hand.

Concentrate on the quality of your hand, rather than worrying about the hand strength of your opponents. When you play a hand like Q-8-3, if there is a lot of action, and lots of opponents, you can get a feel for the other players. You will know who will be calling, who will be betting, who will fold, etc. This is before you even see the flop.

One quality that you should develop is patience. It is really quite simple to play Egp88 hands, and quality hands will win the majority of the time. You just do not play many hands. Too many hands can sometimes hurt your game, and result in the loss of chips and poor decisions. When you play mediocre hands, you will win often, but not enough to make your constant betting into a profitable play. Playing too many hands weakens your ability to read your opponents, and results in less profitable situations.

This is the trap zone. Play the hands that are popular. However, when you play a hand like Q-8-3, and there is a lot of action, and lots of other good hands, you could be in a lot of trouble and your game will suffer. Even if you get your money in with the best hand, you will not win too many times out of ten when there are ten people in the pot.